It has been revealed that Swindon will receive £25 million as part of the government’s town fund.

The money is part of a total £3.6 billion pot available across the country.

Conservative MPs and councillors praised the decision to award the town the money, but Labour councillors were more sceptical, claiming the cash injection to be a political stunt in preparation for a potential general election.

It was not revealed what the money would be spent on with the council stating it was waiting for more information from government.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Matt Simpson: “Great! Let’s spend it on affordable housing and educating people out of benefits and into careers they can be proud of. Oh no, let’s build a ski slope instead.”

Carrie Sopp: “Let’s improve our town centre and make it more of an enjoyable experience when visiting. No no, stick some more fairy lights on a roundabout.”

Adrian Skyes: “Transport, technology, skills and culture. So what that means is another pointless bus lane, another Bruce Street bridges fiasco, 4G masts in North Swindon which no one wants and a pointless arts centre.”

Jo Wheatley: “Should use it on extending the hospital before anything else.”

Sandra Edmondson: “Let’s see how quickly we can spend and waste this money!”

Clare Bell: “Well is it costs £800k to repave Wellington Street, £25m will go nowhere.

"The town centre is dying, invest in that.”

Kennie Swkm: “It’s going to need more money than that.”

Phil Godfrey: “Maybe, just maybe, we might get a new bus station, just like Gloucester has and a town that would invite visitors not drive them away. Wouldn’t hold your breath, Swindon council are only good at wasting money.”

Phil Halsall: “£25m for feasibility studies, consultancy fees, project management costs, infrastructure reports, etc. The consultancy companies will be licking their lips at this.”

Sam Ruck: “What for? To build another pointless fountain?”

Ryan Lee: “Swindon is a joke, these lot wouldn’t know where to put the money if there was an arrow pointed at it.”

Alex Styles: “Yeah, all good news, but what will they do with it? They need to think about the youth and the lack of things to do safely in Swindon!”

Andy Barker: “Would be good if they did something with the building above the railway station. It gives a very poor impression when arriving into the town by train.”

Tim Hewer: “Please do something about the bus station and surrounding area. It’s horrible at present.”

James Macmillan: “All of this needs to be ploughed into the town centre shopping area.

“If they improve that, people will naturally come shop there and that will drive revenue up to spend on surrounding areas.

“I don’t know if anyone’s been to the centre lately but I’m seeing more shops closed now than open.”

Charlotte Walton: "Knock it all down and start again, Swindon town centre is a dump, always try and stay away."

Karen Daye: "Pot hole repair maybe?"

Neil Maxfield: "I'm still going to Bath and Bristol for shopping until they fix the run down town centre."

Gordon Brown: "Should just about repair one footpath if you get the council to do it."