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Drivers should look where they’re going

Whereas I couldn’t attend the meeting at Coleview Community Centre that David Collins referred to in his letter to the Swindon Advertiser, I was puzzled by his statement concerning Greenbridge Roundabout that, ‘the lanes here do not clearly direct you to where you want to go.’

Then I recalled that this was the very same man that breaks the speed limit with a police car in front of him.

There are at least two huge signs on the approach to Greenbridge from every direction, and from Highworth Road there are three.

As an approved driving instructor I advise my students to look carefully at the signs on approach in order to grasp the general layout.

Then look at the lane markings; the signs and the lane markings should be used together.

It is simple if drivers just opened their eyes and looked.

I agree it can be more tricky when the markings are worn out such as they are at Bruce Street, and if the council refreshed them more quickly there would be fewer accidents.

I would agree with David Collins and others who think that a Magic Roundabout layout could have been used at Greenbridge, but then it could not have been used as an attraction for pollinators.

Observation will reveal to the motorists the special plants and shrubs that now occupy the centre of the roundabout.

Other people, more qualified than myself will tell you that pollinators such as bees, butterflies and moths are rapidly declining, so the centre of Greenbridge Roundabout is a good place to attract them.

And as for those residents in Oxford Road that David Collins referred to, that might reverse out of their drives, please refer to Highway Code Rule No 201.

Reverse in or have a drive large enough to turn around.

Neil Maw, Weedon Road, Swindon

Election now, sometime or perhaps never

Clearly confusion reigns in the Labour Party judging by the contradictory messages from North Swindon prospective parliamentary candidate Kate Linnegar and her South Swindon counterpart Sarah Church.

According to Kate “We need a General Election now” whereas Sarah is adamant that the Prime Minister calling for a mid-October general election.

What is perfectly clear is that Mr Corbyn and his supporters have been calling for a General Election and now when offered one are suddenly afflicted with that awful terror which often affects someone whose bluff has been called. Kate has demonstrated her capacity to be a good politician having executed a perfect U turn between Friday night and Sunday morning. Her ‘now’ has been changed to ‘sometime’ and may soon be ‘never.

Des Morgan, Caraway Drive

Thanks to hospital staff

I have just spent ten days in GWH Jupiter Ward. I would like to thank all the staff for their care and attention, twelve-hour shifts and a smile for everyone. Not forgetting the volunteers. God bless you all.

Mrs Hughes, Angus Close, Ramleaze

Who saw The Jam?

It is more than 40 years since The Jam exploded onto the British music scene. I am compiling a people’s history, to tell their story in the words of fans, and would love to hear from anyone who saw them live at the Brunel Rooms in Swindon in 1977 and 1978.

Richard Houghton, Author of The Smiths - The Day I Was There, 07717 581435

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