A NEW mental health group is launching today to help build self acceptance and reduce stress.

Mitchelle Phillips created the group called Mind Harmony to provide people with the best tools to improve their mental health.

Mind Harmony offers weekly coaching sessions, helping participants to understand emotions and build mental resilience.

The activities includes mindfulness, gratitude practice, use of music and more.

Sharon Smith said about the programme: "What I really enjoyed about my Mind Harmony session, was that it generated a feeling of positivity.

"I left in a much better mindset than I'd arrived in - and I wasn't even in a negative mood when I arrived.

"Michelle had done her research in bringing together a wide variety of accepted psychology tools, techniques and theories.

"It was comforting yet fun... and calming yet energising! I guess that's why it's called 'Mind Harmoney'."

The first session will start from 7pm at Shaw Ridge Primary School.

Places are limited, to book a place email info@magneticmindset.org or call 07980 185787

For further information visit: https://www.magneticmindset.org/mind-harmony/