This week's Reader Recommends looks at where the best places in Swindon are to get a good cup of coffee.

1) THE Olive Tree Cafe at Manor Garden Centre came out the clear winner as the best place to get a coffee. 

Many people plumped for the cafe and charity that supports those who have suffered with mental health problems. 

Kevin Spackman said: “The cafe in Manor Garden Centre serves lovely coffee. They also have nice home cooked food, cakes and a great breakfast.”

Lorraine Mcglone added her vote: “I definitely can’t resist a large frothy coffee there.”

And Elizabeth Smith said: “I go to Olive Tree Cafe to support the local social enterprise.”

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2) DARKROOM Espresso came as a highly recommended stop for a good pick-me-up. 

Located in the town centre on Faringdon Road, it won the vote of numerous coffee fans. It hosts regular coffee tastings, has a cycling club and the walls are given up each month for a different artist to display their work.

Alex Hobbs said: “The best place to go for a coffee is Darkroom Espresso for sure.”

Martyn Beck said: “Support locally and if you like real coffee and not over processed stuff the Darkroom is the best in town.”

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3) ANOTHER popular choice was Triple Two Coffee. 

This coffee chain started life as a humble kiosk in Swindon and it now has a total of 12 branches around the country from Southampton to Nottingham. 

The Crossing and Havelock Street shops scored highly with our readers.

Louise Ricobi said: “The best place to go for a coffee is the Triple Two coffee shop.”

Lorraine Mcglone, Celine Guillet and Lewis Taylor all agreed with Louise that it was a good place to go.

Tammie Ballard added: “Triple Two all the way.”

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4) SECOND Cup Coffee Company proved to be a popular choice for those seeking a caffeine boost. 

The shop is in The Parade Shopping Centre but the chain first opened up nearly 45 years ago across the sea in Canada. 

An enthusiastic customer, Sue Saunders said: “Second Cup is brilliant.” 

Georgia Houghton agreed with her verdict. 

And coffee fans Katy Little, Heidi Fisher and Lewis Taylor all added their support for the branch. 

Second Cup supports Trees For The Future in its mission to plant more trees and to help feed families and change their lives for better.

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5) THE Savoy also made it into the top five of our reader recommendations.

It is a Wetherspoons pub that can be found at the top of Regent Street. 

Keith Andrew Larbey said: “I must say I love to take my son on most weekends for a cuppa on a Saturday morning to The Savoy. 

“It always seems relaxing in there and I get to be nostalgic with the old pictures on all the walls and references to the old picture house it once was.”

The town centre pub is the former Savoy cinema that was built in the mid 1930s and almost seated 2,000 people. 

The cinema was in an art deco style and was the largest cinema of its time in Swindon before it was converted into a Wetherspoons in 1996. 

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