The debate rages over the use of mobile phones in school, with pupils in Swindon getting mixed messages.

A uSwitch survey showed 49 per cent of parents want their child’s school to ban mobile phones.

Dorcan Academy has a no phones policy, while Royal Wootton Bassett Academy allows students to use their devices during lunch and break times.

Here is what readers told us on Facebook…

Katherine Trott: “Us parents are giving our children phones for emergencies, and to know they are coming home safe from school.

“I think teachers should allow phones in school but not to be used during classes/assembly.

“However, I don’t think a child in primary/nursery needs a phone, it’s mainly secondary school. I believe giving a child a little responsibility and safety and education around phones is vital for this day and age.”

Lisa Haddrell: “Mine has a phone in school. He listens to music on the walk there and it’s for if there is an issue while I’m at work. Most parents work and a phone is purely for emergency. Phones in class is a no.”

Rachel Tomlinson: “Some schools are encouraging phones by increasingly switching to using apps for students to access their timetables and homework online.

“For example, RWBA no longer provides student diaries with timetables or to record homework, everything is done on phones or online. Schools can’t have it both ways, complaining on one hand that students have phones, on the other insisting they use them to access their education. I took my secondary school son’s phone away for a month to give him a break from it and the school told me I needed to give it back as he needed it to access apps for his education.

“Personally, I preferred when everything was on paper.”

Tina Mottram: “Sadly children have become so reliant on phones, that if they are on them during lessons, they will sneak them out in lessons to check Insta or Snapchat or WhatsApp… I think phones should be locked away in lockers during school hours.

“The school tries to take the phones away if being abused in class then you get the irate parents calling the school demanding that the child’s phone should be given back… how can the schools ever take control of this situation without parents' support?”

Kayleigh Curtis: “My son keeps his phone in his bag on silent during lessons, he uses it for when he’s going to and from school. If all kids did the same, there wouldn’t be a problem.”

Kasie-Louise Stacey: “Walking home from school isn’t as safe as it used to be; walking to town, meeting up with friends isn’t safe. So I think they should be allowed phones but only for emergencies.”

Laura Baxter: “I’m in two minds on this. Of course, they should not allow them during lessons and all as they are a distraction. They are there for learning!

“However, they are needed for walking to and from school, it is not safe for them these days for various reasons, so I understand that need.”

Hannah Boardman: “Those saying it isn’t safe walking too and from school “anymore” do you have any stats to back up any increase in “danger” from pre-mobile to post-mobile days? Also giving your child a smartphone for a walk to and from school is surely putting them in more danger as they are at greater risk of being robbed for their tech.

“Phones should be banned in school full stop. There is no need for them and gives kids a rest from constant screen time.”

Claire Smith: “My daughter takes her phone to school for safety reasons, there is far too much going on in today’s world for her to be without her phone which is also fitted with a tracker for safety reasons. However she has to switch it off on school grounds and isn’t allowed to switch it back on until they leave the grounds at 3.”