The Operation Yellowhammer document about a no-deal Brexit claims to outline the Government’s “reasonable worst-case planning assumptions”.

The Adver published 10 scenarios listed in the dossier published after MPs demanded it be made public, including possible protests, food shortages and "significant disruption".

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Sam Griffiths: Anyone who has called these warnings ‘scaremongering’ in the past has egg on their face. These are hard facts from the government and they should be taken extremely seriously.

Ian Cooksley: It's a list of "scenarios" that "could" happen. Although, the protest bit is almost a definite!

William Evans: That these are worst case scenarios which have to be put out but they are not going to happen. We had the same in the Cold War about the use of atomic weapons but it never happened but there was no hysteria, as there is now. Why don't you think this great nation can't stand on its own two feet. We are a major player and companies and farmers are still going to trade with us or go under. They only want our money, take no notice of the ravings of Emmanuel Macron. These tales of disaster could have come straight from Hans Christian Andersen.

Neil Robinson: The country voted out. We deserve to be control of our own destiny. Why would you want a foreign conglomerate dictating to us what we can do? And how we should spend our money? How we should fish and how we should control migration.

Phil Paton: People need to remember this is a planning document detailing the worst possible outcome and putting control measures in place to reduce the likelihood of it happening. It is in no way details on what will happen. I am looking at a risk assessment for working at height, it details the worst potential outcome as death but by using approved access equipment and wearing a harness the likelihood of death happening is very small, the Yellowhammer document is no different.

Chris Paris-Haines: The disruption will happen in the events either result. Civil unrest if Article 50 is revoked. The media has made many attempts to scare us but a majority voted to leave. The referendum didn't stipulate how, though. Come on people, let's get Brexit out the way and take back control of our country.

Marcus Carlton: If this is worst case scenario this is great. We all knew the EU would make it hard for us to leave and we have always said there will be disruption in the beginning. We are in this current position because a minority in our nation are basically working for the EU trying to sabotage any dealings and negotiations in an attempt to stop Brexit. If there is unrest when we leave, it won’t be the leave supporters protesting, it will be the Remainers causing more trouble.

Sarah Jackson Lane: Let's hurry up and leave on October 31 and see what happens... nothing. We waste so much food from our own farmers because not the correct shape etc.

Sinead Paghan: Although this is exactly what Remainers have been pointing out for months, we're labelled as spreading 'Project Fear'.

Simon Bewley: So, the government has been forced to release a document that lists the negative effects of Brexit. So why don't they publish the document that show the positive effects? Oh, that's right, there isn't one.

Robert Stevenson: Yellowhammer has been in existence for over a year and much of the information is available on the UK Government website so not sure what all the noise is about. MPs should be in parliament, not going on a five-week junket – stuff the legality argument.

Kevin Webb: Or, things could be brilliant and we as a country do very well. What ever happens, we are better off on our own.