He was in a shelter in Spain at risk of being out to sleep.

Now SNDogs wants to find a forever home for a Patterdale border collie cross called Rene.

The 10 year old canine came to the charity four weeks ago, after being rescued from a shelter with a high kill rate.

“We don’t know a whole lot more about him,” said Mark Harding who has been fostering Rene in Pinehurst.

“It’s more than likely he was a street dog in Spain.

“But he’s a lovely dog. Very playful for his age, he certainly doesn’t act like he’s 10 years old,” Mark added.

The charity is recommending Rene is rehomed as the only dog in a house or with a calmer older dog.

“He isn’t brilliant with other dogs,” said Mark who has three other dogs in the house alongside Rene.

“When I first had him there was a few days of scraps but he has settled down and become more friendly with the others.

“It’s more that he can be a bit unsure around lively dogs. If the dogs are nice and calm then he’s ok,” added Mark.

“I still think he would best suit a home where he is the only dog, but he is starting to get more comfortable with other dogs.”

Rene is also scared of children and would not suit a home with a young family.

“But he loves people,” said Mark. “One of his favourite things is to play in the garden. He’s always trying to get outside, so his new home will need to have a garden.”

Rene is house trained and walks well on a lead.

Mark added: “He loves a cuddle. He sleeps with me at the moment and just won’t get off my bed.

“He will make a great pet. He’ll give someone all the loving they need and basically just bring the life out in someone.”

If you want to give Rene a home, visit sndogs.uk/adopt-a-dog and fill out the application form.

SNDogs runs a foster organisation, where homeless and rescued dogs are looked after in a network of volunteer homes.

It asks for a £200 donation for each dog adopted, to help it cover the cost of previous care.