The building known as the Corn Exchange, or Locarno, in the High Street in Old Town is actually two buildings.

It began life as a market hall in 1852, but its size meant that it became Swindon's Town Hall and was used for public events and including elections.

It was expanded when Ambrose Goddard, remembered in the Goddard Arms pub just yards away, provided money for an expansion - a triangular corn exchange and new building with a tower was added in 1865.

In the 1880s, the large hall was converted into a theatre sitting up to 1,000 patrons, and then in the early years of the 20th century it became an ice rink and then a cinema.

Post the Second World War it became a dance hall, called the Locarno, by which name it is still commonly known, and a concert hall, with such stars at The Kinks, The Animals and the The Yardbirds appearing.

It was briefly a bingo hall before being shuttered and falling derelict.