Arkell’s Brewery launched a new seasonal beer called Big Hit to celebrate the upcoming Rugby World Cup in Japan.

The 4.2 per cent ABV tipple has chocolate malt and wheat notes with an amber colour balanced with a hit of flavoured hops to create a tropical, fruity and hoppy flavour.

Head brewer, Alex Arkell created the new brew, which will be on sale for two months, in response to demand from customers for experimental flavours.

He said: “Big Hit is the perfect brew for the Rugby World Cup. No matter what team you support or even if you are totally new to the game, this new amber beer has been created for long days at the pub watching the match with friends.

“We believe that without raw materials of exceptional quality it is impossible to produce great beers. With its own personality, Big Hit is a really straightforward beer that is fantastic to pair with the amazing food offered in our pubs. We’re really excited for everyone to give it a try and to get our customers’ feedback.

“The seasonality of beer gives us an incredible opportunity to connect with our customers by using ingredients and formulas that align with the time of year. Big Hit is an autumn beer with slightly heavier maltiness, perfect for the crunchy-leaves, chill-in-the-air season.”