After a government report recommended a blanket ban on parking on the pavements, we asked Adver readers to send us pictures of the worst cases they had seen.

We received a flood of images from across Swindon, with cars parked across footpaths and double-yellow lines.

On Facebook, readers had a lot to say about pavement parkers and highlighted frequent problem areas in the town.

JEANETTE GALE: “It’s everywhere in Swindon, what is wrong in parking on the roads not on pavements, that’s where people get hurt because of the thoughtless drivers.

“Were they not taught to park on paths when having driving lessons and their test. I think the law should start putting tickets on them, then lets see how many stop parking on them.”

DEBBIE CADDY: “Good to see numerous Abbey Mead school ones on there, it’s obviously not just us taking note.”

RACHEL SHIPP: “Longthorpe Close in Toothill had five cars in the bus stop on Wednesday. People had to disembark on the road with shopping trollies and prams, it’s the same there every day.”

ZOWIE SEYMOUR: “My street is narrow therefore people park slightly on the path – not me, I have a drive – to allow other vehicles to pass.

“However the council are not helping by making it too expensive or difficult for people to put their own drives in. Therefore the problem will continue, even more so when my children start to drive.”

TRACEY HORBUNOWICZ: “I live next to a shop and people block my double drive at least 30 to 40 times a day. Winds me up big time. All down to laziness.

“Even had people park on my drive and go get their hair done at the nearby hairdressers.”

LAURA LOCKYER: “I live by a school and people seem to think it’s ok to block drives so actual residents can’t get out. No such thing as respect these days.”

JADE REES: “There’s a car in my street that parks on the pavement so if anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair tried to get past they couldn’t, they would have to go onto the road.”

DEBORAH CLARK: “Grange Drive in Stratton is full of selfish halfwits.”

WILLIAM SMYTH: “Some roads don’t have enough for parking and so you need to park up on curbs to allow emergency vehicles through.

“Secondly there are to many houses are getting built in Swindon with not enough roads in place to support the cars, which on average per house hold is two or three cars.

“Therefore because the roads are narrow, people have no choice but to park on kerbs. However saying that, if the vehicle is parked on the kerb it needs to allow for disabled and pushchair access.”

LOUISE ZACHAROPOULOS: “Some of these photos are not as bad, no yellow lines, not in front of a driveway, ample space for pushchair. Over-exaggerated shaming attempt.

“Can’t have everything perfect, all these new builds literally do not have enough parking areas.

“At the end of the day, as long as it’s sensible and there’s space for pedestrians, wheelchair access, not in front of any fire hydrants, not on yellow lines or obstruction of any traffic then just let it be and go have a cup of tea.”

HELEN COOK: “The council could make a fortune. Pavements are for pedestrians.”

REG HALL: “The roads do not have the parking capacity needed for the current amount of cars on the road, so build more parking areas. Or reduce the number of cars. Simple.”

PAT SYKES: “On Friday Street, there are so many cars parked on one side of the road it’s now become a single track road."

MARK STROUD: "There are some streets that you have no choice to park on the kerb, but the path is wide enough for a car to go on without blocking thoroughfare, and there is a lack of on-road parking because so many people have dropped kerbs, Limes Avenue is a classic case."