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Parliament treachery

In reply to Don Reeve (SA, September 8) regarding his remarks about my letter and no deal being more treacherous . I will cast his mind back to the wording on the ballot paper of 2016 on the referendum. David Cameron was forced into holding the referendum because Nigel Farage had him running scared of the UKIP party.

The wording that Cameron must have sanctioned as the PM. Or am I missing something. Was as follows. Referendum Of The UK Membership Of The European Union. Two questions were on the ballot paper. Remain a Member of the European Union. Leave the European Union.

I was taught that leave means to get out and remain means to stay. I imagine the 17.4 million who voted with me came to the same simple assumption. I have looked hard but cannot see the words. Leave The European Union With A Deal, on the ballot paper.

As an ex-union convenor I was involved in many negotiations.

A no deal situation in a union dispute means the union’s trump card is strike action. It is amazing how that threat clears the management’s minds. Fortunately we always came to a settlement.

Anyone with any shred of intelligence must realise taking away the threat of no deal from Boris Johnson, leaves us at the mercy of this cartel. Imagine their demands if this country, God Forbid, crawls back to them to remain.

Finally the word treacherous means to betray, not to be trusted, misleading. Is that not a fair description of this Parliament refusing to enact the wishes of the people who elect them?

Bill Williams, Merlin Way

Stopping no deal

In response to Des Morgan’s letter (SA, September 11), I believe the country needs a General Election as soon as possible. It is not possible until a damaging no deal is off the table. That is Labour party policy which I firmly agree with. There is a cross party alliance working together to realise this. We are not stopping Brexit but stopping no deal.

Boris Johnson has tried to silence democracy and avoid scrutiny by proroguing Parliament. Many people distrust him, questioning if he wants a deal at all. Even his own brother has resigned.

The leaflets our Labour volunteers are delivering, were drafted some time ago saying that we need a general election now. As you know, events change in politics on an almost daily basis. I will continue to deliver the message of hope in these leaflets, telling people that Labour will invest in our economy, take radical action to confront the climate crisis and support families.

I’m proud that my party will increase NHS funding, introduce a living wage of £10 an hour, keep free TV licences, the winter fuel allowance and bus passes for pensioners, rebuilding Britain as a fairer society. Our policies are fully costed and we know exactly how to pay for them.

You can nit pick about the words in my leaflet Des, but I am steadfast in my belief that Labour is doing the right thing over Brexit, has always tried to unite the country and is the best chance we have of transforming lives for the better,

Kate Linnegar, Labour parliamentary Candidate North Swindon

Political quagmire

Theresa May brought a very soft Brexit deal back from the EU and asked the Labour Party to support it. The Labour Party voted it down three times, and then voted to take no deal off the table.

It then voted to block Boris Johnson from calling a General Election. That covers all the options available to Britain to solve the Brexit problem. Britain is now stuck in a deep political quagmire.

Steve Halden, Beaufort Green

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