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Mobiles are the future

This letter is in response to the a headline from the Adver of September 10: ‘Swindon headteachers discuss whether mobile phones should be banned in schools’.

My personal response to this is that I feel that mobile phones should not be banned in schools. I disagree with the views of Sherryl Bareham, headteacher of Dorcan Academy.

Her views of the use of mobile phones being classed as anti-social, I feel is being taken way out of context as I believe that in this day and age, children should embrace technology on their lunch breaks and whenever they are not in class as this is now the real truth of society in which we now live as technology will only continue to grow and become more prominent over the pen and paper ways of doing things.

Ultimately, I feel that taking away a child’s right to technology is depriving them of ways to either research on the internet or use social media as a way of connecting with family and friends outside of school.

I have to agree with the head of Royal Wootton Bassett Academy, George Croxford when he says that phones are now part of our culture. This should be the way forward in schools, phones should not be banned!

Peter Toner, Cromer Court, Liden

Honours system a joke

No wonder Theresa May was a failure at trying to get us out of the EU if her Honours List is anything to go by.

It was farcical and just makes a total mockery of the Honours System. Long gone is the day when you worked a lifetime to earn a nomination let alone win an MBE, OBE, or even a knighthood. To be honest I didn’t even know all these recipients existed.

So the bottom line is these days to be able to get a award you either need to be able to do a Prime Minster’s hair or correct makeup applied, be able to cook sausages and correctly boil a egg for one’s breakfast, keep the car clean nice and shiny or be a total failure in running the country or have enough money to be able to give a few million into the pot to buy one.

All of these attributes I have except the last one and my good lady wife, and her Mother will back me up on that score, has for an award for me.

All I get told from she who must be obeyed is a resounding no, but I get told keep doing the chores you may get fed at the end of the day. What a farce the whole world is laughing their socks off at us because of the Brexit debacle and then along comes a list of honours for a bunch of second, third, fourth rate politicians.

I won’t get started on the other farce about the classroom we call Parliament and the toys thrown out of the 650 prams in there, leave that for another day.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick

Going postal over bonus

My bank has sent me yet another letter saying sorry my interest on my savings will be reduced at the end of October.

I have been with them for many years and I feel that they are now borrowing my money for nothing.

From the year 2008 they have had things pretty much their own way, reducing and reducing interest rates, closing branches reducing there service and then paying themselves big bonuses, what I feel is out of my savings.

I think now that the post offices are more numerous than banks.

The state should give the post offices the same franchise as the banks.

I think they could give the banks real competition.

Anyway the post office would be much easier than a bank to get to these days .

Roy Small, Haydon Wick

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