Borrowing millions of pounds to enable thousands of houses to be built on the eastern edge of Swindon exposes the borough's taxpayers to unacceptable risk according to Labour councillors.

A motion to be put to full council on Thursday by councillor Jim Robbins says of the borrowing of £59m to build new roads and improve others to enable the New Eastern Villages plans: "Will have massive implications on the council’s revenue budget with annual debt charges expected to increase by £12m by 2028/29.

"This is the equivalent of more than 10 per cent increase on residents’ council taxes."

While it says the Conservative-run authority expects to recoup the money from developers contributions when 8,000 houses are built in the new villages, it says taxpayers are carrying the risk while builders will make the profits.

The motion urges cabinet member for strategic planning Gary Sumner to reconsider the matter.

The meeting starts at 7pm.