THE moment killer Christopher Halliwell confessed to two murders played out on TV screens across the country last night.

ITV drama A Confession depicted the taxi driver as chillingly casual and emotionless when describing how he killed Sian O’Callaghan and Becky Godden-Edwards but upset and perhaps even remorseful when wondering if he needed psychiatric support.

The murderer, played by Joe Absolom, said: “I’m sick. What’s wrong with me? Normal people don’t go around killing each other do they? Is it too late to get help?

“I have loads of women customers who phone up and ask for me specifically because they trust me to get them home safely.”

Detective superintendent Steve Fulcher, played by Martin Freeman, asked if there were more than two victims and Halliwell replied “Isn’t that enough?”

The tense and propulsive first half of last night’s episode focused on the conversation between the two near Badbury Castle and Uffington on March 24 2011.

Halliwell led police directly to Sian’s body and to another body near Eastleach in Gloucestershire that they didn’t know about.

Though initially hailed as a hero, Fulcher suffers a series of setbacks upon his return to Gablecross.

He was scolded by his superiors for breaching police guidelines after Halliwell gave no comment interviews and refused to approve a transcript of his confessions.

Mr Fulcher said: “If we hadn’t gone right then, the other girl would have been lost forever. I wasn’t playing games, I was pleading for Sian’s life. I can’t see how any court could possibly disallow those confessions.”

Upsetting and emotional scenes showed the families reacting to the news of their daughter’s murders, the identification of Sian’s body, and a pathologist discussing Becky’s headless skeletal remains.

Karen Edwards, played by Imelda Staunton, screamed and collapsed in the episode’s final moments after Fulcher visited her on what would have been Becky’s 29th birthday to confirm that her daughter was the second body.

Sian O’Callahan vanished after leaving Suju in Old Town on March 19, 2011.

Becky Godden-Edwards was last seen in the Manchester Road area by a police officer on December 27, 2002 though the family first reported her missing in 2007.

After being arrested on March 24 2011, Halliwell was charged with Sian’s murder on March 31.

Police publicly confirmed that the remains of the second body belonged to Becky on April 5.