Great Western Hospital advertised hundreds of nursing roles last year.

The hospital advertised 414 full-time nurse and midwife roles between July 2018 and June this year, according to NHS Digital.

This comes after EU workers returned home last year.

The number, which could include the same role being advertised numerous times, reflects similar increases in other parts of the country.

Here’s what you said on Facebook.....

Elizabeth Stoker: Get rid of university style training and bring back the old style hospital, on the job training.

Rosy Samantha: Why though? Nursing has changed and developed a lot since the past. We are professionals in our own right and expected to have a much more varied knowledge and skill set from the get go, and being university trained enables us to be that knowledgeable. Also our training is on the job, we spend 2300 hours minimum over three years in practice, where we spend time in many different areas to gain our experience, the other half is academic and practical skills at university level.

Lucy Middleton: Nurses may be more qualified, but the basis nursing care has suffered as a result. Over the years I’ve been so shocked at how little is done for the comfort and the dignity of the patient. Over qualified nurses that aren’t prepared to get their hands dirty.

Diane Rea-Palmer: People can make brilliant caring nurses without a degree.

Raf Holland: Try paying them what they deserve.

Simon Cousens: There has been a shortage for years!

Paula Jacobs: Well I’ve been trying to get into the hospital for the past two years but they make you do a test first. Whether you have six years experience and a diploma three in health and social care, that doesn’t matter if you fail the test you don’t get in.

Lucy Middleton: Oh dear, let’s blame Brexit. Nursing standards and numbers have been dropping for years.

Joe Ross Williams: And this government thinks people want to pay £9k a year to train to be one..?!

Ryan Jacobsz: This is exactly why Boris has signed the loosening of immigration rules for nurses.. he’s been in job one month, give him a chance!

Allison Standley: Brexit is why foreign medics have gone home, why would they want to come back to a place that doesn’t want them?

Angela Maynard: There have been shortages for years. Don’t blame everything on Brexit.

A lot of nurses gave up their PIN number because of revalidation.

And a lot of the overseas nurses went back to being carers because of it.

Marcia Singleton: That’s nationwide. It’s been like that for years and will only get worse as the government stopped the bursaries.

Stuart Lincoln: I was up at the hospital from 3am this Saturday morning and the nurses on reception and who do the first assessment before you see a doctor need better training to be honest. They literally were all grumpy and couldn’t help me out much.

Edward Lawrence: Paying them more and for their training would improve things.

John Fowler: Brexit has created a toxic anti-immigrant atmosphere. No wonder the foreign medics have left.

Ali Walker: There were staffing shortages before Brexit.

Peter McSparron: Maybe the leavers forgot to mention some of the downsides.