Educating children could result into a decrease in knife crime in Swindon and Wiltshire, officers have said.

The launch of the new Operation Sceptre initiative in Swindon, was an opportunity for police to remind parents, teachers or carers to educate children about the use of knives and the potential danger.

Youth and early intervention co-ordinator Alan Aldersley-Byrne said that the interaction with schools is essential.

“Teachers have the ability to control a class room but the issue is that if they talk to children about this subject, the message would not be as strong.

“So going in from a uniform standpoint or from a police standpoint is important.”

Alan is part of a new team aiming to identify and deal with potential problems among young people in Wiltshire before it gets worse.

He worked with Wiltshire College students and county cadets to make two short videos aiming to raise awareness. He said: “We’ve got them to do a social media video that encompasses what could happen if they are caught carrying a knife.

“We are not seen as the bad guys anymore. We are seen as the one they want to come and talk to.

“We wanted to promote that to young people to say that we are here to talk and we want to share your message on our social media channels so we can become more approachable in the future.”

Assistant chief constable Maggie Blyth said: “Education is key, and we need to be passing this on to our children that it’s never okay to carry a knife.”

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And police and crime commissioner for Wiltshire and Swindon Angus Macpherson said: “Parents and schools can also do their bit by checking what their children are carrying in their bags; it’s a good way to educate youngsters too that being caught with a knife could mean they end up in serious trouble as well as risking being injured themselves.”