CHURCHES across the county are working with Wiltshire Police to reduce knife crime.

Despite the small number of churches involved in this year’s Operation Sceptre, vicar at St James’ Church in Devizes Keith Brindle is confident that this new relationship will soon be expanded to Swindon.

He said: “This is the first year that we’re doing this collaboration and it’s only going to grow.

“The churches are involved in the local community and this is another way for us to be involved with the police. It’s great because now we have an amnesty bin right in the middle of our church. So, for us it’s a great opportunity to have our building use in this way. The building is all about community, reconciliation, peace and forgiveness.”

Four churches are involved – St Andrew’s in Melksham, St James’ in Trowbridge, St James’ in Devizes, and SP2 Community Centre in Salisbury.

Mr Brindle added: “All the churches are out there in the community doing stuff. It’s not unfamiliar to them sort of coming into the church.

“And we are aware that a lot of the knives dropped in the bins are from people who don’t want them to end up in the wrong hands.”

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St James’ Church family discipleship and outreach leader Rob Jackson added: “It’s a new relationship with Wiltshire Police and that’s exciting.

“The danger is what activates a knife. It is about the intend that the individual has. If we help people understand that they will use that blade for good.”