THE son of a Swindon writer and historian has followed in his father’s footsteps by writing and publishing his own book.

Brian Bridgeman, who died in 2003, wrote extensively on local history and was a founding member of the Swindon Society.

Now his son, Mark, 53, who lives in Scotland, has written a collection of true stories based on historic and infamous crimes in Highland Perthshire.

Mark said: “I’ve always been interested in local history.

“Living in such an interesting and colourful area as rural Scotland has helped provide me with some fascinating source material.

“Who knows, if this book is successful, I might even write one about Swindon next.”

The River Runs Red is released on September 26.

It will be published by Watermill Books later this month and is available to pre-order from as well as Amazon and Waterstones.