A WEST Swindon man is said to have threatened to rape his female victim and sexually assault her mother.

Edward Booth’s victim claimed he told her he would bundle her boyfriend into the back of a car before killing him.

The 27-year-old, of Corfe Road, Toothill, denies two counts of sexual assault, assault occasioning actual bodily harm, and theft of a Samsung tablet, purse and clutch bag.

He is currently standing trial at Swindon Crown Court.

Interviewed by police, Booth – who is known to the defendant – had taken over his alleged victim’s flat in March after smashing through the door with his feet.

The woman went to stay with her mother.

Returning to her flat to pick up some of her belongings, she was said to have argued with Booth.

During the course of that confrontation, Booth was said to have dragged the woman, pinned her down and scraped her arms and face with shards from a glass lamp she had thrown across the room.

In a video interview with police, which was played to Swindon jurors, the woman told detectives Booth had asked about her male friend.

“He was going to put him in the back of a car and ‘body’ him, which means kill him,” she claimed he said.

Booth was said to have threatened the young woman: “I’ll rape you. I’ll rape your mum.”

She said he was on his phone, giving his friends directions to the woman’s house. That concerned Booth’s alleged victim, she told police, as she claimed the man’s associates had not warned him to stop.

Booth was said to have been laughing hysterically, calling her names and saying she was so thin that if she were to jump from her balcony she would be crippled.

The woman got on to the balcony and yelled to a passing cyclist for help. Booth was said to have gone out of the flat in what the woman thought was an attempt to persuade the Good Samaritan to end his call to police.

Asked by detectives how it felt to go through the ordeal, she replied: “I just feel numb to this.”

The woman added: “I didn’t feel anything. I just wanted him to calm down, to go away.”

Bearded Booth, sat in the dock wearing a grey tracksuit and rosaries around his neck and wrist, remained largely impassive as the video evidence was played.

The crown is represented by Rob Welling, while Kannan Siva appears for Booth.

The trial, before Judge Jason Taylor QC, continues.