VWH Haydon Wick Air Rifle Club is a club for everyone.

Based at Haydon Wick Workman’s Club in Swindon, they are one of the ten teams in the Swindon and District Air Rifle League.

“We’re very inclusive,” said Sue Barns vice-captain of the club.

“Absolutely anyone can take part in this sport. We have members who are in their 80s and still playing.

“You can be disabled and we have a stand you can use.”

The club accepts anyone aged 12 years old and upwards as members.

“That’s one of the lovely things about the sport, anyone can do it, really anyone at all,” added Sue.

The rifle club does seven-yard target shooting with 10m match target air rifles.

“You stand stand side on to a target seven yards away, and each one is made up of six targets on an eight inch square paper,” said Sue.

“You aim for the bullseye of the target each time, and try to get as close as possible.

“It’s all about learning to balance and getting used to holding the rifle,” she added.

The club meets on Thursdays between 7pm and 10pm, with match nights taking place on Wednesdays.

Throughout the year there are different competitions members can get involved in to suit a range of abilities.

“We’re here for people to just have fun and enjoy the sport,” added Sue.

The membership fee is £30 a year with a match fee of £2 each time.

The club also has its own rifles, which any of the members can use.

“Or, if and when you’re ready to get your own gun you can use that and have it set up individually for yourself,” added Sue.

It also provides any training needed to new joiners.

Sue continued: “You don’t need any experience whatsoever to take part.”

The club currently boasts 12 members but is keen to welcome more into its ranks.

Sue added: “We’ve recently seen more ladies wanting to take up the sport, which is excellent because we seem to be quite good at it!

“It’s a great hobby to have and a nice way of getting out of the house and meeting new people."