A WOMAN was ‘body shamed’ as she walked home by youngsters who were chanting ‘porky’ at her.

Bex Vandersluis was in Middleleaze Park when a group of boys that she believes were aged 15 and 18 were calling out at her. Following the incidents, she took over Facebook, urging parents to talk to their children and educate them about harassment and body shaming.

Sylvester King: “Some will say lose some weight, but anyone should be happy with who they are and shouldn’t be bullied, nasty kids.”

Sarah Karen Day: “No one should be called names, It’s disgusting behaviour from these boys. Why do they feel the need to hurt someone.”

Kayleigh Curtis: “Parents won’t do anything. This is why kids are doing and saying things like this. If I ever found my kids saying things like this to anybody, I’d be ashamed.”

Louie Parfitt: “If this was my child, they’d be grounded for a long time. If they can shout abuse at adults, imagine the abuse they can give kids.”

Rachel ‘Seymour’ Newnham: “I was told as a child you shouldn’t comment on anyone else’s body because it’s none of your business what they do with their body!”

Katy Little: “Body shaming is not okay! Some people cannot help being overweight ie. Medical issues! At the end of the day we are all human. Be kind to each other!”

Kim Clifford: “And some of these comments are exactly why our country is in the state it’s in. No respect for anyone else is one our biggest problems.

Gone are the days of being polite and helping each other. This is why when we see someone being bullied, there are 20 kids/adults videoing it instead of stopping it.

“People are too scared to do anything! Sad world we live in and part of the issue is not being able to discipline our own children because they ‘know their rights’. Well, I know if one of mine was being disrespectful to someone such as in this post, they would be given more than a clip round the ear, I would hide their phones so they couldn’t ring Childline and report me for abuse.”

Hayley Marie Ridgewell: “That’s terrible, they should be ashamed of themselves, my son is always picking up the litter they leave behind too!”

Jean Kavanagh Davies: “They were frightened of your beauty, walk tall, walk proud.”

Craig Deyago: “Sticks and stones can break my bones but names will never hurt me! Kids will be kids just walk away like an adult and ignore it.”

Terry Noble: “Some parents encourage the children. I’ve been name called. Trolled. Threatened online. Told to lose weight. It's soul destroying and degrading.”

Rachael Cordy: “Lots of comments on this. The point it, no one should be yelling insults at strangers in the streets. Bring your kids up to be better than that. One comment could be the final straw to someone making an attempt on their life. Be kind to everyone.”

Sophie Watch: “‪Sorry but why do groups hang around in parks? Plenty of other places to go other than a KIDS play area, weirdos.”

Emma Jayne Goodman: “That’s disgusting. No respect. I think she’s a very beautiful girl.”

Katy Little: “We aren’t all emotionless! Those kids should know right from wrong! Instead they act like yobs! Oh look at me a big hard man shouting abuse at a woman just to get a reaction out of their mates! It's pitiful the lack of respect youngsters have these days! These gangs of kids are intimidating! Comments like this lady got were probably very hurtful. We can't all bury our heads in the sand or shrug it off, it hits you mentally.”