CLIMATE change activists took to the M4 to spread the word about pollution.

Members of Extinction Rebellion Chippenham attached the banners to the bridge near Grittleton, west of junction 17, for a day, bearing the slogans ‘Act Now’ and ‘CO2 much’.

A member of the group said: "Ahead of the youth strike for climate this Friday and International Rebellion starting in London from October 7, many Extinction Rebellion groups along the M4, including Chippenham, have placed banners on bridges above the motorway.

“We're doing this to remind people of the ecological crisis we face and the threat it poses to all life on Earth. For years we've been told that individuals need to change their lifestyle to stop this catastrophe, but governments and corporations are responsible for the majority of pollution and environmental destruction.

“Without government support, individuals have few good choices. So we're calling on people to get involved and insist the government tells the truth about how serious the problem is, stops hiding emissions with creative accounting and steps up to meet humanity's greatest modern challenge. Act now."

The group also assured they put 'safety first' as the banners were safely padlocked with chains and also rope.