Smyths Toy Store is planning a new Swindon superstore. 

Recent documents found on the Swindon Borough Council's planning portal have revealed that the toy superstore is looking to set up shop in Greenbridge Retail Park.

The proposals, from the Irish chain, were submitted in July and are looking at opening a store in the unit that used to house PC World before the merger with Currys and subsequent joint shop. 

Not only would this store make a much needed addition to the retail park, but it would also be placed in a location that hasn't seen many positives in recent years. 

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The back line of stores at Greenbridge, where Smyths would be housed, has seen a series of closures including Maplin, Staples and PC World making Laura Ashley the only retailer remaining in this location. 

Smyths will also be the first toy store to open in Swindon since Toys R Us closed last year, which was in close proximity to Greenbridge, at the other end of Oxford Road.

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Both Smyths and M&G Real Estate, which manages Greenbridge Retail Park, refused to comment on any potential store opening, but M&G did confirm that there were proposals submitted but that nothing was set in stone.

The closest Smyths store to Swindon is in Reading, Bristol or Salisbury, with Swindon having just one toy shop - The Entertainer - located in the town centre.

Smyths toy Superstore is an Irish franchise which currently has over 110 stores across the UK and Ireland.