PROTESTERS will be rallying in Royal Wootton Bassett as part of a global strike today.

People around the world are joining what is expected to be the largest environmental protest in history.

And children are being encouraged to join the strike beside environmental groups and people who are passionate about saving the planet.

Dave Knight, a member of the Royal Wootton Bassett Environmental Group is a long-term campaigner and will be joining the protest demanding action against climate change.

He said: “We are trying to make others understand that it’s a massive threat so the point of the protest is to raise awareness. It’s for the next generation, they will have to deal with it. It’s not a blame thing, we have all been a part of this.”

It’s the UK’s first general strike since 1926 and protesters are calling on the government to do more to fight against climate change. A similar strike happened earlier this year and1.5 million people took part worldwide, but today it is expected to be much bigger.

Jason Cook is a member of RWB Environmental Group and Extinction Rebellion and is rallying today.

He said: “My daughter is 18 and so it makes you think of the environment and the way our generation has gone about not being sustainable. The youth is coming to realise the problems that are happening. I feel quite excited by this generation and all that they are doing.”

People in Swindon and schools such as Lyneham Primary school are joining the protest.

The Wootton Bassett event is in the High Street at 8am, the Swindon rally is in Victoria Road at 12.30pm.