The South West Trades Union Congress called on workers and unions to support the climate strikes.

This push follows a new report from the federation of unions that calls for a clear and funded path to a low-carbon economy with workers involved in delivering those plans.

Regional secretary Nigel Costley said: "We’re calling on the trade union movement to show solidarity, in any way they can, to the younger generation who are leading the charge on the climate emergency.

“Restrictive, anti-union, anti-worker laws can prevent many people from using their voices at work. But there are many ways in which the union movement can show we stand with the younger generation, and let them know they don’t fight alone.

“Trade unions have always fought for better jobs, stronger rights and pay, and an economy that delivers decent, fairer and greener work for all.

“This Friday we will stand proudly alongside the climate strikers as we call on government and decision-makers to do more to save our communities and our planet.”

The TUC suggested joining strike actions, raising awareness of climate strikes in workplaces around the county and showing support on social media.