The prospect of 70 houses and community shop and cafe on farmland in Blunsdon upset nearby residents enough.

But now plans put forward by the same developer, Castlewood Commercial properties, to build another 115 houses on the very next field has left them furious.

The developer was given permission for its first scheme off Sams Lane earlier this year, but neighbours feel even more houses is a step to far.

Ian Foote lives on the narrow road opposite where the access would be.

He said: “I’m not happy about it, mainly because of the traffic.

“The whole area is bad enough as it is, the junction down at the Cold Harbour is a real bottleneck.

"If they have all the people, all the cars from the houses coming our on to this road, there’ll be a double bottleneck, and it’s going to be really bad.”

Mr Foote’s neighbour Abigail Palmer added: “There are 75 houses in Sams Lane at the moment. If another 200 are built right on the the other side of it, then that will change the village, which will be a real shame.

“I walk back with my eight-year-old son from the village school, and the youngsters come riding their bikes down this road.

"But if there’s hundreds more cars then they won’t be able to do that any more.”

Chris Rogers, who lives on Cricklade Road, opposite the end of the proposed new development is pessimistic and thinks the developer will get permission for the estate.

A member of Blunsdon Parish Council, Mr Rogers was speaking in a personal capacity when he said: “I’m totally against it. But I think they’ll get their permission.

“The borough council has already said it’s not going to spend on the lawyers if the developers go to appeal, so even if it’s turned down at first it’ll happen.

“This is happening all over the country, because there isn’t a five-year housing supply, villages are being swamped wherever you go.

“We moved here to live in a village rather than in Swindon, and it’s being completely changed while we watch.”

Castlewood Commercial said: “The site’s location is a unique opportunity to offer the benefits of village life to future residents with convenient access to Swindon, providing easy access to local retail and employment.”