EVIL Christopher Halliwell was undoubtedly a serial killer, the mum of victim Becky Godden-Edwards has said.

It follows suggestions that the Swindon cab driver currently serving two life sentences could have been linked to four other women’s deaths.

Becky Godden-Edwards disappeared in 2003, with her remains found in a Gloucestershire field eight years later. In 2016, Halliwell was convicted of her murder.

Mum Karen Edwards, 58, told the Adver: “I stick by what I always say: Halliwell is a serial killer, without any doubt in my mind.

“I truly believe Becky was not his first victim. His killing started in his early 20s.

“He is one evil predator.

“There are families out there up and down the county that are either waiting for their loved ones to return home or are waiting for justice - both of which will torment you beyond belief.”

Last week, the Daily Mirror claimed to have uncovered possible links between Halliwell and four murdered girls.

Carol Clark, 32, was abducted from Bristol’s red light district in March 2003. She was killed and dumped in a canal.

Brother-in-law Terry Townsend, 71, suggested a possible link between Carol and Halliwell after watching ITV drama A Confession.

“We did think if he could have been connected with Carol when we saw how he killed that girl by strangulation on the series,” Mr Townsend told the Mirror.

Julie Finley, 23, was found strangled in a Merseyside field in August 1994 four miles from a village where Halliwell lived.

Yvonne Fitt, 33, had worked as a prostitute in Leeds, near Halliwell’s dad’s home in Huddersfield. She disappeared in January 1992. She was murdered and her body dumped in a shallow grave near Otley, West Yorkshire.

Jackie Waines, 35, was snatched from Bristol’s red light district in 1985. Her body was left on a bridleway in Gloucestershire.

There have long been suspicions Halliwell was responsible for more deaths. In 2014, police uncovered a stash of up to 60 items of clothing – including boots belonging to Sian O’Callaghan – that former Halliwell detective Steve Fulcher claimed could represent the cabbie’s trophy haul.

Halliwell has been linked with the disappearance of Swindon sex worker Sally Ann John and Highworth mum Linda Razzell. The latter’s husband, Glyn, was convicted in 2003 of her murder.

Wiltshire Police say detectives have not uncovered any links between Halliwell and other murders around the country.