KATRICE Lee was last seen in Paderborn, West Germany, on November 28, 1981.

The two-year-old, born in a British Army hospital, was the daughter of a sergeant major in The King’s Royal Hussars and vanished on a trip to a nearby army NAAFI shopping complex with her mum and aunt.

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Katrice Lee Picture: PA WIRE

Her mum, Sharon, had put her down as she sorted shopping by the checkout. She turned back to the shelves to get some crisps. Katrice was alone for a matter of seconds – but it was during this short period she disappeared.

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Katrice as she might have looked aged 28 Picture: PA WIRE

In 2017, police released an e-fit image of a man they wanted to speak to in connection with the girl's suspected abduction. An eyewitness was said to have seen a man carrying a small child into a green saloon car.

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An e-fit released by Royal Military Police in 2017 Picture: MOD/PA WIRE

A year later, officers excavated a Paderborn riverbank but found no trace of the girl.

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In May this year, sister Natasha, now 44, spoke to The Sun newspaper about the impact of Katrice's disappearance.

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Soldiers excavate a Paderborn riverbank in 2018 Picture: AP

“My dad came home and told me they couldn’t find Katrice but I couldn’t comprehend it at the time," she said.

“I remember looking at my mum and she was just screaming and screaming and I realised then something was seriously wrong."

Earlier this month, a woman was due before Wirral magistrates charged with impersonating Katrice on social media.