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Hidden potential

It was very interesting to see what readers would like in their out of town shopping experience at Greenbridge (SA, September 25).

While such venues were planned with large retail ideas in mind, most around the town have come to incorporate grocery stores too.

In mulling over possible ideas for such places there are three inescapable rules. 1 Who owns the land? 2 New developments take several years to come to fruition, witness the town centre. 3 Change to changes will happen.

Given the third thought above, one may simply throw the whole lot up in the air and give up as it seems too complex to solve. However, I am sure readers are too inventive to do this. All that is needed is the imagination to imagine a different world for those that will follow.

Two vital components for any plan to succeed are that there is a forward-looking, innovative local council and a government that is prepared to be bold and back plans with money. I fear these two items will condemn any plan to failure.

Being optimistic, here is an idea. Imagine a number of ‘mini-town centres’ (current large retail parks) becoming cultural hubs, schools being the educational and social focus for communities and a network of country parks being the recreational heart, all linked by cycleways and electric buses. The derelict land in the town centre could become a ‘green-hub’ as well as a mini centre. The hospital could be one too.

Swindon council needs to contact the government and ask to be guinea pigs for such innovation: the alternative is more decay.

With a shorter working week, and so more leisure time, people may be encouraged to use such facilities to release the hidden potential we all have to create a better new world for us all.

Bob Pixton, Abney Moor, Liden

Ad hoarding a hazard

The recently installed, driver-distracting, illuminated and rotating advertising hoarding is destined to increase the thankfully low number of Magic Roundabout accidents.

I understand some cities have banned altogether capitalistic advertising in public spaces. I further understand that it can be challenged on grounds of damage to amenities and driving hazard grounds.

Is this correct and what do others want to happen? A response from the relevant councillors or officers would be appreciated.

Tony Hillier, Brunswick Street, Swindon

Respect our wishes

It is now a simple equation – the establishment versus the people. How many of us common, hard-working individuals in Swindon could afford the fees to take our case to the Supreme Court to support our the democratic vote of 17.4 million Brits if remain had won?

I watched the channel that televises the House of Commons in session. I could not believe the antics of our so-called democratically elected MPs.

Business financial investment is at a standstill s are more important issues regarding running this country. Too numerous to mention, all are being neglected.

These preening clowns remind me of mothers in Glasgow chatting in the communal wash houses as they clean their families’ clothes in the 1940s, before TVs and washing machines – never mind cookers – could be afforded by the working classes. Never mind even invented.

I am reminded of the famous words of Winston Churchill. May I paraphrase – never was so much lost by so few, to so many, regarding the democratic wishes of the British electorate.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Covingham

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