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Brexit seemed simple

I FEEL evermore confused about Brexit.

Surely it was a democratic decision that we voted to leave the EU.

We didn’t vote to remain half in or indeed in at all. The majority voted to leave. Nothing more and nothing less.

It seemed like a rather simple thing to me. How could any normal person make a pigs ear out of it? But since that time we have been insulted as we are obviously stupid and didn’t know what we were voting for!

We all thought it was quite simple. We would no longer be in the EU. We would remain on good terms with them and continue to do business with each and every one of them and happily so.

So how did it get to this current state? A lot of it has obviously been down to the fact that these so-called politicians just couldn’t believe that we had in fact voted to leave.

Yet we had all read the little booklet that Mr Cameron had sent to every household in Britain which detailed what a ‘Leave’ vote would mean. So where is the problem? Nowhere on the ballot paper did it mention a ‘deal’.

It would seem to me in my simplistic way that certain politicians have something to hide in the fact that so many of them from all different parties are going back against the result of the referendum.

Mr Cameron pointed out it would be ‘our choice’ and duly implemented.

Could it possibly be that so many of these MPs of all political persuasions have ulterior motives for thwarting the public’s vote? I refer to possible investments in the EU that these MPs have failed to declare to the Parliamentary Oversight Committee. And the reasons are that they are afraid of being caught out and losing their said investments. Because if this is true that have broken the law and would be subject to legal action being taken against them. Plus they would also be more discredited, if that is possible, than they already are.

And moreover why are so many politicians ignoring the fact that their constituents in many many cases voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU?

Is this then legal? Don’t they have an obligation to support their constituents legal or otherwise? That is what they were elected for and that was the implied reasoning why they were elected – namely to serve their constituents. Put this way it seems pretty simple to me? But what do I know about principles, honour and truthfulness?

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

Just wait for US deal

It looks like the USA and the UK are going into trade talks for an eye-watering deal which will blow your socks directly after Brexit on October 31, deal or no deal.

What I can see happening after we have left the restraints of the EU is all those MPs who over the past three years have thrown stumbling block after stumbling block in the way of a democratically-won vote to leave will come out of the woodwork, pat themselves on the back and start crowing about how wonderful they all are. They’ll say they have always been on the leave side but had to hide it away in case the party leaders knocked them down the pecking order in the relevant party.

This USA/UK trade deal is not the only one happening in the background of No 10. The EU is falling apart.

How many countries now have been bailed out and are now trillions in debt? I hear grumbling pains from Germany, lots of people in France want their own referendum and other countries are just waiting for the October 31 Brexit deadline.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

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