STAFF at Thames Water braved leaping out of a plane for a good cause – and they did it on Friday the 13th.

The team, based in Swindon at Walnut Court, jumped 10,000ft and raised over £3,000 for six different causes chosen by the staff who took the jump.

Jumper Matthew Peapell said: “Skydiving is a mental game on the ground, but nothing prepares you for the jump. Once you’re up there the process becomes easy and enjoyable.

“My instructor and I sang at 5,000ft after the parachute opened and then corkscrewed six times. Now I’m officially an adrenaline junkie and want to do it again!

“Thank you to everyone who came to support, has donated to the amazing charities and for the most amazing colleagues who jumped with me.”

The recipients are mental health charity Phoenix Enterprises, dementia charity Mindsong, LGBTQ+ charity Out of the Can, Swindon Night Shelter, Nelson Trust and Big Breakfast Plus.

Thames Water is responsible for the public water supply and helps millions of people across the UK.