We didn’t plan on going to Jacks for dinner on a cold Wednesday night.

But as we walked to our first choice – Moodys Place – we realised it was closed and so we had to look elsewhere. Jacks came to the rescue.

As we walked in, we were greeted by a server who gave us our pick of three two-seater tables.

My partner chose the table and we sat down, given standard menus as well as a cocktail menu.

As it was a school night, we both opted for soft drinks while we studied the food offerings.

The atmosphere was good, the restaurant wasn’t packed but it wasn’t empty either.

There was a gaggle of women in the round table at the window and a few pairings placed around the room.

The servers were aplenty so there wasn’t much waiting around.

They had the football on so I was trying not too be too distracted by that.

I ended up choosing the mushrooms on toast while my partner picked the goats' cheese medallions.

If I'm honest, I was looking at her dish with envious eyes.

When the starters arrived, we were both taken aback, not because they looked terrible, but because they looked as if they could be main meals themselves.

Fearing not having room for the next course, we tucked in.

The mushrooms were a bit too salty, and I couldn’t quite tell how much bread there was due to the fungi hiding the true amount.

That said, they were nice, not too oily.

My partner was pleasantly surprised with the goats' cheese medallions.

Her exact words were: “I’m always a sucker for cheese wrapped in batter.”

A glowing review if ever I’ve heard one.

After a brief pause while plates were cleared, and a quick glance behind me to check the score, our mains arrived.

I had a Jacks Burger and there was a sizzling pan of chicken for my girlfriend’s chicken fajitas.

The burger was towering. Packed full of bacon, cheddar cheese and a sweet chutney sauce.

Picking it up was fine. However when I took a bite, the sauce dripped out all over my hands and plate. I wouldn’t recommend this if you’re trying to impress a date.

The cheese was the best part of the burger.

It wasn’t the sliced cheese that you often get on burgers.

It was actual slabs of cheddar that were melted just enough so that you still got to taste it.

The only issue with my main, was the chips, a bit un-seasoned and slightly hard on the inside, I didn’t finish them.

With my girlfriend's fajitas, she got the sizzling chicken and three tortilla wraps, sour cream, guacamole and salsa – and some salad. It ended up a mess.

Whether this was down to her, or down to the portion sizes, but she was left with a little bit too much chicken once she had filled, and eaten, the three wraps.

But I can’t say we didn’t enjoy our food.

All four dishes were well prepared and tasted nice.

They were a bit too big but I would rather have too much than too little. I would definitely come back for another meal.

Overall, the meal cost us £33.70 and that included two starters, two mains and two soft drinks. Go quick before they realise they could charge more.