OFFICERS from the borough council were sent to Rodbourne to handle traffic and inconsiderate parking over the weekend.

Marshals were sent to the Designer Outlet to ease the congestion on Kemble Drive.

The big effort over the weekend is part of the council’s bid to work out a solution to traffic queues in the area, especially at weekends, Christmas and during special events like the Brick Show.

Here’s what you told us on Facebook...

Andy Watson: Why don’t the council open up the bus gate opposite the outlet to ease the volume of traffic and stop using it as a cash cow?

Paul Brown: You are talking about Swindon Borough Council, they have no clue how to manage the town’s traffic systems.

Rusty O’Donovan: It is a bit late to start worrying about all of the traffic now.

Jeff Packer: What a great use of public funds by the Swindon Borough Council.

David King: The Christmas bonus pot needs to be topped up for the fat cats at Swindon Borough Council.

Michelle Mcalindon: The traffic wasn’t as bad as it has been over the years. I went through there about 2pm over the weekend.

David Gartside: It seems more like an excuse to dish out more parking tickets to people parking in the area.

Sarah Skittrall: The traffic was light today but I believe this is because everyone avoided the area because of the event. It will be interesting to see what the traffic is like next weekend.

Sandra Chapman: Why don’t people just use the park and ride? I’m sure it was free for the Lego event.

Karl Cook: It was clear when I drove through the Rodbourne area several times over the weekend.

Mandy Evans They should open the bus lane opposite the outlet, that would help ease the traffic.

Carly Saunders: I’ve been saying that the council should open the bus lane for years. Especially on the Bridgemead side where there is only one exit for several businesses, hundreds of homes, warehouses, a restaurant and a supermarket. But the fines from the bus lanes make too much money for the council.

Martin McCusker You would be surprised how many people use the bus lane already. I was walking across the road the other day on my way home from work and an Audi went flying round the corner. The driver then had the cheek to beep his horn and wave his arms at me, that was until I pointed at the bus lane sign he was already half-way through.

Christina Turner: You would think they’d hold a brick show at the National House Building Centre. The parking would be better too.

Zoe Lewis: I went there last weekend and the traffic to get in and out was horrendous. It took 30 minutes to just to get out of the car park. I won’t be visiting again at any weekend.

Adam Commons: If people are parking where they shouldn’t be, then a ticket is deserved don’t you think?

Jayne Campbell: Hopefully something is done permanently soon because Rodbourne can’t cope with all this traffic especially on the weekends running up to Christmas.