YOUNG volunteer Charleigh Hobbs has been visiting the same school in Africa for the past three years to help destitute children get vital help and a proper education.

She has been fundraising since 2016 and collecting clothes, shoes and toothbrushes to support Silver Bells Children’s Welfare in Kenya.

The 20-year-old said: “When I go out there, I help teach in the classrooms as well as play games and activities with the children, and I donate whatever I can to them for food, clean water and educational resources.

“In June, I took money to allow them to start building a toilet block in the school as the one they had previously was very unhygienic and old.”

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She started working with Silver Bells when she was 17 and this will be the sixth time she returns to Nakuru – a city north of Nairobi.

Charleigh, from Highworth, sponsors three girls – one aged seven and two aged eight – and a teacher who has a two-year-old son.

She said: “I have been sending money each month for her two-year-old since before he was born and paid for her to give birth in a hospital rather than her having it in the slums.”

The number of volunteers has grown over the years, allowing them to support the school even more.

Charleigh will be joined by Kaitlin Lyons and James Richman, both from Swindon.

She added: “I hope that our little group will continue to expand so that we can continue to make a difference to their lives. We are keen to grow together and get more people out to Kenya.

“We aim to donate enough money to allow them to purchase food for the whole school for as long as we can.”

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Silver Bells helps more than 100 orphaned children in Kenya by providing breakfast, lunch and education.

Children are aged between four and 11. Teachers are all volunteers and do not get money for the work they do.

“It’s rewarding to be able to provide them with the basic needs as they take nothing for granted and appreciate everything they have – because it is so little,” said Charleigh.

“I first volunteered in a couple of orphan schools and I have been going back ever since as I just fell in love with the children and teachers.”

She added: “I can’t imagine being in their position, that’s the main reason I do it.”

Charleigh has set up a JustGiving page with a target of £200. She has already raised thousands of pounds over the years but hopes to get more before she leaves on Saturday to help fund new projects. To support Charleigh visit