ADVER readers praised Halliwell cop Det Supt Steve Fulcher, as ITV series A Confession came to an end.

Writing on Facebook, Helen Striker said: “I watched it all. Steve Fulcher brought closure to Sian and Becky’s families and their killer was brought to justice and will never be able to murder again.Surely, at the end of the day that was the correct outcome.

“Halliwell volunteered that confession. There was no coercion. Steve had to make a quick decision. He made it. I for one am glad that because of him a killer is behind bars and two beautiful girls are laid to rest.

“If only the first judge had allowed Halliwell’s confession to be admissible for Becky’s murder.

“Steve would have been able to have stayed in the job he loved and not been hounded out by his own force. They should be ashamed.”

Denise Hamilton said: “I also watched the ITV News take on it at 11ish last night and that also showed that Steve Fulcher deserves some recognition for what he’s done and been through. If we have more people like him then this world may not be so bad.”

Matty McPherson said: “Boring in the end.”

Sarah-Jane Newman said: “People saying it dragged on a bit. What do you expect when it was based on a true story? Took five years to get the justice for Becky. It takes longer in real life.”

Craig Smith said: “What I don’t understand is why a person who is known to have committed murder has any rights to anything at all. Should be that if you commit these heinous crimes you forfeit yourself to any rights to be treated fairly at all.”

Steve Pearce said:  “Wiltshire Police should be totally and utterly ashamed of the way they treated Mr Fulcher. Criminals do not have any rights nor do they deserve any respect. Steve Fulcher did the right thing under the circumstances and should have been commended not disciplined.”

Brian McKeown said: “Those to idiot inspectors who made statements to the press should be kicked out - not Steve. They are a disgrace to the police force. Steve found the two girls murdered and put a very dangerous man away for life, meaning he will die in prison. As Steve said, Halliwell has killed more than two girls and I believe he is right.”