GOING on a stag do is meant to be one of the best times of your life.

But for one Swindon man it will be memorable for all the wrong reasons. He was assaulted by staff at an Ibiza nightclub.

Jordan Cobb was left with serious facial and eye injuries, which he claims were inflicted by bouncers at the club.

The 26-year-old was on the Balearic island two weeks ago for his stag do with friends and family and had booked a VIP table to celebrate the occasion.

“It’s disappointing and unexpected for a club to allow guests to be treated like this”, said Jordan, who was treated in hospital for his injuries.

“The whole ordeal left me feeling anxious for my wedding in regards to having photos taken. But I didn’t let it ruin our big day.

“No-one should be allowed to get away with being hit. This should never be tolerated or accepted as the norm from bouncers.

“We have spent thousands between us, essentially to be assaulted.”

The revellers were in a group of 14, but half had left early before the incident happened.

Jordan, who lives in Swindon, was with the remaining seven who decided to call it a night. But as they were leaving a couple of his friends realised they had left items of clothing on the beds in the VIP area, which staff had already began clearing away.

The fracas occurred shortly after this when the group were looking for their clothing. Staff called security over.

Jordan said: “I can speak a bit of Spanish as I lived over there for a little bit of my life.

“I said to them calm down in their native tongue, which they took a dislike to.

“I put my hands up in the air to say ‘everything’s okay’ we are leaving anyway you don’t need to escort us out and then before I knew it I was being punched and thrown out.”

He added: “After they chucked us outside the exit, the security guards stood there with batons. I said to my friends there’s no point in retaliating I will try and speak to a manager. But they refused to let me speak to one.

“This affected my stag massively. I ended up spending the rest of my time waiting for a manager to get back to me, which they never did.”

Upon returning to the UK a director from the club contacted Jordan via social media and arranged to speak with him over the phone.

“I had a chat and was offered me a free meal or entry another time as compensation which I felt was very insulting”, said Jordan, who married at the weekend.

The Adver contacted the club but it declined to comment.