A CLIMATE change tax would be welcomed by two in five Swindonians.

That's according to a survey conducted by Modular Classrooms, which found 41 per cent of people in the town would be happy if a portion of their wages went towards helping the government fight climate change.

The figure is repeated across the country, based on the responses of 6,000 Brits.

The Adver discovered there is plenty of support for such a move in the town.

Sarah Coleourne, 35, of Middleleaze, said: “We all need to do our bit to stop what’s happening. If we all stick our head in the sand and say ‘it’s not our problem’ and ‘I’m recycling that will do’ that’s not enough.

“I would be happier to be taxed for that than I would be for something daft.

"I think a tax for climate change would be beneficial but it does depend on what it goes on, if we have a say on how that is being spent.”

The survey by Modular Classrooms – a business that offers sustainable building solutions to expand schools and colleges – also found people from Swindon would be prepared to spend just over £300 out of their wages each year to support the environment.

This is higher than the national average of £280.01.

Simon Green, 52, said: “If I knew the money was going into something good and it was achieving something then I wouldn’t mind.

“The problem perhaps is that people in authority don’t seem to care what is going on. There is a big movement happening and it needs drastic action and that’s not happening. So maybe a tax like that would be good.”

Dave Knight, an activist for Royal Wootton Bassett Environmental Group, added: “It’s a really good idea, I think it would be great to tax everyone for their carbon footprint rather than equally.”

The survey also discovered a lack of knowledge about climate change across the country. Its quiz generated a 46 per cent success rate overall, with Swindon people scoring only slightly higher at 48 per cent.

To take the quiz by Modular Classrooms.