AN ENVIRONMENTAL campaigner has vowed to keep getting arrested after the Crown Prosecution Service dropped charges against him following the London Extinction Rebellion protests.

Tristan Strange was arrested three times in April, as environmental protestors took over Waterloo Bridge and Parliament Square in demonstrations that lasted two weeks.

The 37-year-old, who lives in Swindon town centre, was due to stand trial on Tuesday at the City of London Magistrates’ Court on a public order charge.

But he told the Adver he had received a letter from the CPS telling him the charges were being dropped.

Here’s what you said about the story on Facebook:

Andrew Penfold: Just remember I’m all for doing something about the environment but all these thousands who travelled to protest would cause more damage.

Daniel Adams: Break the law. Go to prison simple.

This isn’t a protest. A protest is given approval and usually lasts for a day.

None of these have been given approval so are breaking the law. That’s why we are seeing arrests.

Eddi Evans: That’s kind of the whole point of civil disobedience.

Paul Murphy: I know Tristan and even though you may not agree with his views or approach I can't help but admire his passion for his cause.

Ian Cooksley: Where’s his passion for atmosphere retroforming technology then? For developing non invasive / destructive energy sources?

It seems that ER is only interested in causing as much public nuisance as possible while getting in front of as many cameras as they can manage!

Dave Seal: It’s still not going to save the planet is it.

Daniel Adams: Maybe he should do something that will actually help rather than just causing a nuisance and breaking the law?

Jon Stewart: Complete idiots, shutting down London costing million that could get spent on climate change.

Joanna Millin: I have no issue with people who feel passionate about what they believe.

I just don’t have the patience for people pushing their views on others.

Andy Bissex: I can’t believe they are, yet again, being allowed to disrupt the lives of hard working people.

Kevin Maddison: For months, there’s been so much negativity going around about Extinction Rebellion.

I’m surprised they’re still in existence!

Alan Walklett: Lock him up, see if it’s worth it then!

Angie Lewis: It’s what they want.

They’ve been told to then refuse bail and so fill the cells, and stretch police resources to prolong their ‘campaign.’

Alan Walklett: Let’s fill the cells so the real criminals get less sentences and can be out causing more real crimes!

Eris Crow: Good on you Tristan Strange. Keep up the fight and ignore the ignorant!

Aaron Prince: Knife crime concerns me more.

Andy Bint: Will it make a difference? No I don’t think so, it’s too little too late.

Ondřej Ševeček: We need more people like Mr. Strange.

Claire Cushnahan: Some very nasty comments about someone who is passionate about trying to improve the state of our planet.

Shame on you horrible people, do you even know him???

He’s one of the kindest, caring and resilient people I know.

So much hatred, what’s wrong with you miserable, negative people?