IT took 150 tastings, but entrepreneur Tammy Southworth finally got it spot on.

And now she's launched her new gin and it’s being distilled right here in Swindon.

Tickle Gin was co-founded by food scientist Tammy and Adam Woodley and is made in Kembrey Park.

Tammy, 28, has lived in Swindon for the past five years after moving from London and she now considers the town to be her home.

“I’m super passionate about local products and supporting the independents of Swindon.”

She added: “At the moment we’re selling in town and in Bassett and Marlborough. I’m not necessarily going for the Tesco or the Sainsbury’s.

“It is distilled here in Swindon and that’s quite special, and everyone seems to support local products.”

Tammy added: “We launched two weeks ago, but I started the Tickle journey about a year and a half ago.

“I’m a food scientist by trade and I spent many years developing food and drinks for other brands before thinking ‘hang on a minute, I could be doing this for myself'.

“I’ve always loved gin. I’ve developed a lot of beverages in general but never spirits before.

“I wanted to give it a go and that’s where Tickle came to life.”

Tammy said the brand name came to her when she was thinking about flavour tickling taste buds. "It's playful," she added.

The company uses a vacuum distillation method rather than the traditional copper steel to heat the botanicals.

“We wanted to do something in a slightly different way.

“My passion is taste and food science and I thought ‘what can I do with my background that will bring something new to the market?'.

“And I thought using another way to distil would be quite quirky.

“We use pressure in our method, which pulls out all of the flavour meaning you get a much livelier profile and a silky creamy mouth-fill."

Tickle Gin is hosting a launch night at the Royal Oak Inn on October 17 from 7.30pm where tasters will be available.