SWINDON Borough Council's cabinet member for transport and the environment hailed the improvements to GWR's services between Swindon and London as incredible.

Coun Maureen Penny told the Adver the high-speed trains and extra hourly trains to the capital will be beneficial for everyone in and around the town.

She said: "It's good news all-round.

"This is going to cut commuter times down so much and for a business, especially small and medium enterprises, that's so important because in business time is your god so any time-saving makes a big difference.

"The speed of the new trains is incredible. It's great that people can travel so quickly and comfortably to and from London in trains that should be less crowded because of the extra services.

"This will be hugely helpful for visitors coming to Swindon or people from the town going to London for an evening out or a day trip.

Upgraded infrastructure and the electrification of the Great Western Railway Main Line from South Wales to London Paddington made these changes possible and allow for extra services using Intercity Express Trains to be added to the timetable.

Coun Penny added: "I'll be glad to see the electrification of the railway lines spread further and use less fossil fuels on our trains."