MAGISTRATES told a Walcot man who went to see his dad rather than probation officers it was “not good enough”.

Craig Gibbs was released from prison on June 11. He had been due to attend four probation appointments under the terms of his post-custody supervision.

But he skipped all four, despite the probation service sending him text reminders and leaving letters for the 34-year-old who was then homeless.

Gibbs, now of Walcot, admitted failing to comply with the requirements of post-custodial supervision.

Mark Glendenning, defending, said he had spoken to his client about the importance of keeping in touch with the probation service. Gibbs had been focussed on securing accommodation, which he now had, and applying for benefits.

JPs fined Gibbs £40 for the breach. Hatty Simpson-Clarke, chairman of the bench, said they were reluctant to interfere with the progress he had made.

But she added: “This is not good enough. Probation is there to help you and support you.”