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Imaginary liberal elite

It is a real shame that when the letters of Bill Williams hit on a genuine problem or injustice in our society, rather than use it as an occasion to argue for something better, he uses it to scapegoat other victims.

He is right to disapprove of the recent court treatment of 3.5 million on the pension issue. Using this to attack people who have managed to survive appalling conditions to seek asylum is worse than ridiculous as is his suggestion that the lives of those seeking refuge here are in any way comfortable. This would be ridiculous even if the British state had not had a hand in destroying the countries that some of these people come from.

Bill also implies that the court treatment of this group of women means that people are wrong to demonstrate against the climate change which threatens us all. This lacks any sense and anyway he should know that quite a lot of pensioners of both sexes are also involved with the protests he disparages.

Bill’s letter puts it all down to an imaginary liberal elite, a favourite invention for the mouthpieces of the actual elite in the tabloid media. The actual elite in the UK remains as right wing, vicious and greedy as it ever was. That is why they attack pensions and that is why their media continually urges us all to blame everything on other victims of their greed rather than the rich minority actually responsible for the problems.

Peter Smith, Woodside Avenue, Swindon

Testing times

I was saddened to read recently that for well over one hundred years, public schools have selected their pupils at 12/13 years of age using the Common Entrance exam. It has enabled us to have the range of politicians we have. Now that they have dropped this requirement for the exam. it seems a shame to lose such a fine sieving mechanism for people wanting to represent us in public life.

I enclose a few sample questions for candidates so that they have an idea what is expected of them, these questions are from the general paper.

Performance related release for prisoners. To re-habilitate prisoners and discourage re-offending prisoners who do well are to stay in prison for the same time as one who doesn’t try. How much of an incentive is this and what extra cost is this to the public purse?

Which is most likely to keep the public safe: cutting over 20,000 policemen or saying ‘we are the party of law and order?’

Party X starts its session in Parliament with a majority of 16. The opposition have less. Party X then sacks over 20 of its own. Notwithstanding bye-elections etc. whose fault is it when part X can’t pass its own legislation?

A slogan is painted by a European on the side of a bus to advertise a party’s principles. How much does it cost: A. £350M per week. B. £150M? (Answers to be verified by Office for National Statistics).

The education service is finding it hard to recruit teachers. Is the following the fact that teachers in 2018 find their salary 10 per cent lower than in 2005 likely to be an influence?

Finally, a question for aspiring local councillors.

Council S borrows millions of pounds to build roads etc to unlock land for developers. However, after ten years it has not only had to pay interest but has recouped but a small fraction of its borrowing. Council S wishes to repeat the borrowing process for another land holding. Being mindful that the tax-payers have to carry two amounts of interest payments what would you advise council S to do? Answers in the ballot box please.

Bob Pixton, Abney Moor, Liden

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