A tax on climate change would be welcomed by two in five Swindonians, according to a new survey.

The survey, conducted by Modular Classrooms, found that 41 per cent of people in the town would be happy if part of their wages went towards helping to fight against climate change.

Here’s what you said on Facebook:

Andrew Burrows: “Could we not just pay for it by cutting the benefits of all those that can afford to protest and not work.”

Lee Austin: “Cut councillor’s wages, put in a monorail and bike paths. Reopen the Royal Wootton Bassett train station.

“40 years on and still no progress, more houses and poor infrastructure.

“Shame on you Swindon Council.”

Alex Clark: “Yes of course I would and let the government waste and take my money. Bit of a daft question would be surprised if anyone said yes.

“I’d go made if they did it.”

Andrew Little: “I certainly wouldn’t, we pay enough taxes as it is.

“It should be up to the government to sort it.”

Lesley Hall: “Why don’t the government have their pay cut so the remaining money can go to it.

“We pay enough taxes as it is. So, no bloody way.”

Steve Foster: “I struggle to make ends meet with the tax I pay now, if I have to pay more tax it won’t be worth me working.

“Get the lazy rich socialites to pay, they’re the ones who can afford to take days off to hold up hard working people.”

Kevin Smith: “I’d pay more tax for better roads and more frequent rubbish and recycling collection.”

Rachel Tomes: “Yes to the NHS, but no for climate change.

“That funding should be coming from industries. It’s not us, the little people, that is the huge issue, it’s industry and governments.

“Raise corporation tax to where it was pre-2009.

“I’d perhaps say yes for mass planting of trees mind.”

Michael Hinde: “I’d be open to the idea, as long as the government make big companies pay a fairer share of tax first, and if we’re really short of cash after the huge sum that ought to bring in, then we can talk.”

Samantha Holborow: “I already have that option on my electric bill. So yes, always, or there will be no where to live.”

Bruce D’Lazarus: “How is paying more tax going to fix climate change?”

Daniel Adams: “I don’t see why the government don’t set up a voluntary system where you can have extra tax taken from your pay packet to pay towards things like this.

“It would allow more money to be raised and then allow people to show off what good people they are.”

David King: “Just another con to make more money from the working class.”

Joanna Millin: “Definitely not, I pay enough tax.

“Let the extinction rebellion pay for extra tax, oh wait, most don’t work to being with.

“I’m sick to the back teeth with these people and their unrealistic wants.”

Alan Walklett: "Why? We won't make a difference compared to China.

"Why should we pay more tax to do nothing?

"It's another tax they want to bring in. We get taxed enough as it is.

"These morons probably don't work that's why they would pay more tax."

Kimberley Tribe: "I would make sure children are educated and not on electrical stimulants, eating fast food in plastic containers, turning the heating up because they're cold instead of popping another layer on.

"I could go on, the entitled generations moaning about climate change is almost an oxymoron."