Tami James was this months Camera Club winner with her stunning photo of her daughter at Queens Park.

From Lanhydrock Close in Freshbrook, Tami concedes she always takes her camera out with her because she enjoys capturing fleeting moments in peoples lives.

She said: “I love taking pictures, I love spending time with my daughters, and I love making memories.

“Once you’re gone you’re gone, and the children grow up so fast, it’s nice to look back at these memories that you’ve captured.

“I took my daughters to Queens Park for ice cream and to watch the sunset, it was towards the end of the summer.

“One of them, Emily, got into the tree.

“She’s a bit of a tomboy so she likes climbing.

“It was the perfect tree to climb and for her to sit in and the light was hitting her just beautifully and it was just the right time really.”

Tami has had a keen interest in photography since she was 15, but has only taken the hobby seriously in the past six years.

When asked if Tami ever thought she might win the competition she said she had no idea it would ever happen.

“It never even crossed my mind” Tami added: “I’ve been published a couple of times but I’ve never won it.

“I didn’t even think about it. The week before my picture of squirrels was used as the page header but that was about it. It’s nice to be in the club, there are like-minded people in there and it’s nice to have support"