Yesterday we revealed that nine per cent of Swindon’s individual neighbourhoods, one in 11, are in the highest 10 per cent of deprived areas in the country.

This comes despite Swindon being 157th in the deprivation table across England and 10th in the south west, according to Government figures.

Here is what you said on Facebook and the Adver website about the state of the town, particularly people dumping unwanted furniture in their gardens.

Mike King: “The Broad Green area is a disgrace. It was a beautiful area.

“I recently walked past a council worker cleaning the pavement and said he was doing a great job. He said it will be just as bad again tomorrow as the locals have no respect.”

Terence Trueman: “Just take a walk or drive around and see the amount of rubbish and furniture discarded or dumped in front gardens and alleyways.”

Joanne Burberry: “I don’t know why others are shocked.

“Swindon is now a mess compared to other places. Bristol used to be awful, now I prefer Bristol.

“It's a hell hole, so sad as it used to be lovely and caring.”

Lee Collie: “They’re not deprived. If the council lowered their fee for collection of these sorts of items (sofas/wardrobes etc), people would not resort to leaving it in their front garden.”

Lyn Ayres: “Everyone blaming rising costs, keep the stuff a bit longer till you can afford it or ask around friends and family to help you take it to the tip. Stop blaming the council.

“All prices rise don’t they?”

Simon Godowski: “People should be fined.

“I know Swindon is a mess already but it still doesn’t need to be any more messy, come on people.”

Laura Patterson: “The council won’t touch it due to it being on private property.

“The area is a mess and I’m ashamed to live in it.

“The parish council should be sorting it all out, instead they improve the park.”

Rosa Mary: “In council areas, street wardens take beds and wardrobes and sofas free of charge and metal items, the scrap man takes for free.”

Darren Wanless: “Am I surprised? No.

“This used to be a beautiful place to live and people had pride in their house and gardens.

“Now times are changing and Swindon is becoming a ghost town with many shops and pubs closed.

“Swindon needs drastically updating, not just the town but the surrounding areas. People used to come visit our town for the railway but the place is outdated and there isn’t enough places to shop other than town and the outlet village.

“Swindon is becoming bigger with more houses which is putting pressure on our doctors, surgeries and hospital.”

Del Hall: “That’s not deprived, it’s called no pride.”

Michaela Collings: “There’s not a lack of jobs, people just don’t want them.”

Sandra Beale: “The council should do the job we pay the high rates for.”

Sandra Edmondson: “People are doing this because they won’t pay to collect, the council must have known this would happen.”

Commander Shepherd: “I didn’t need government figures to know this town is run down.”

Paul5729: “I would say Broad Street, Manchester Road and its side streets are pretty well down there for deprivation.

“The state of some of those houses.”

Yingtong1949: “Are you sure he didn’t mean the town centre?”