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High food standards won’t be lost in Brexit

In response to John Stooke (SA, October 7), in mine and a lot of others’ humble opinion we - that is the UK - need the USA on our side.

You stated the imports that the EU stops from being imported into Europe are the same imports we the UK stop and will continue to stop being imported.

The way you implied that once we are out of the EU the floodgates will open to all sorts of nasties coming into the UK is nothing short of scare tactics that a outgoing losing politician would pull knowing he/she had lost or was about to loose a referendum.

Do you really think that anything we have in place now ie: high standards of food, manufactured goods our democracy social justice etc will, once an eye-watering trade deal is struck, ever change mine and millions of others will answer NO it will not change.

I have had two careers in my life. The first one I have had on many, many occasions been to the USA and to many many other countries all around the world.

And if push comes to shove I will take the USA on my side time after time,.

The comment “misguided, insular, backward minority,” well that’s me and the other 17.4 million who agreed to leave.

That’s what’s sticking in the craw.

But slithering along on bellies?

I don’t think so I’m British and proud to be British are you Mr Stooke?

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

Town centre revamp needs common sense

My God, and you would need to be to regenerate this part of Swindon.

It nothing short of disgusting, and I use the word advisedly. It’s worse than some third world places.

This is what our council has plans to spend the £ millions on that was just promised to the council by the Government.

They have all these grandiose ideas that never come to fruition. Usually because they were a pipe dream all the time.

Yes there are a few reasonable building in the town, most of which is no thanks at all to our council.

Focus Point in Fleet Street, looks pretty neat.

There is absolutely no car parking there except for a private car park which would mean a bank loan to use it everyday.

And the streets, if you can call them that, surrounding this area are in fact a load of tracks inhabited by nomadic builders erecting God Only Know what.

We keep hearing from the council the ideas to regenerate the town centre.

If this is the aim, then the council should stop there. Go no further. They have fouled up enough already. Its chaos and I am not joking.

In today’s world transport has to be taken into account. Not only cars but a lot of efficient public transport.

But for car users there has to be selective and organised parking.

Regarding this, why are these car parks taking up vast amounts of prime land? It doesn’t happen elsewhere.

Sensible planning dictates that a three or more subterranean car parks is the first thing you put in before building upward. Common sense isn’t it? You have to dig out to put in the foundations so whilst at if put in a large car park at the same time.

If this was done properly and sensibly by designers and planners who understand their business and are qualified it could work.

If you let our council loose on it it will just be another Swindon fiasco.

I could go on but will it change anything?? What do you think?

David Collins, Blake Crescent, Swindon

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