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Parliament shames

In reply to Peter Smith’s comments on my letters (Adver, October 10), may I question his comments?

I attack people who have suffered appalling conditions to seek asylum.

Is he referring to the people who have crossed Europe and paid thousands to traffickers to get here? Ignoring the rule that they should seek asylum in the first EU country they arrive in.

The vast majority of them young single men.

Many claiming to be under 16 with a heavier beard growth than Desperate Dan. He then states that I imply that people should not protest against climate changes.

Let me correct him. I have no argument against the democratic right of peaceful protest.

But when a load of law breaking protesters in fancy dress disrupt people trying to get to work or any other essential business, I do think it is wrong.

He then states that I put it all down to an imaginary liberal elite.

The abolishment of capital punishment.The police force, no disrespect to the boys and girls at the coal face, turned into a social services by their university-trained peers who couldn’t catch a cold at the top of Ben Nevis in mid winter, never mind a shop lifter. The increase in drug dealing in towns and cities.

Out of control murders by stabbings, all over the country.

A police officer on the beat as scarce as an asylum seeker with a passport or identification. A&E units with longer queues outside than the happy hour in a Glasgow pub. When you wait longer for a doctor’s appointment than you do between birthdays.

We did not have these problems before unlimited immigration. A Parliament once respected that now shames us worldwide. Sorry Peter, it must be my imagination again.

Bill Williams, Merlin Way, Swindon

Silent speedway?

There should not be an issue with noise for both the greyhound and speedway meetings.

I would have thought that the developer’s owners – house builders – would have explained to everyone buying a house within the vicinity that the great big round thing you see on the estate plans is a stadium and fully explained that both the old one and the new one would be holding greyhound and speedway meetings on a few nights of the week.

And a few daytime meetings and will get noisy just like it has since about 1947.

But now the borough council want another report on how it intends to prevent nuisance to nearby residents.

I presume you mean noise nuisance? Perhaps they want it to be a silent meeting no tannoy, no loud bike engines, no dogs barking, no-one at the meetings both greyhound and speedway doing any cheering above a whisper? For crying out loud you are turning the new build into a another farce get on with it.

John L Crook, Haydon Wick, Swindon

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