A TODDLER told her dad “mummy’s hurt” as he wrapped his hands around his partner's throat, a court heard.

The girl’s mum said she feared she would die during an ordeal that allegedly saw her strangled, slapped, and pelted with McDonald’s chicken nuggets before being told the way to stop the abuse was to have sex with her tormentor.

That man, her boyfriend of five years, denies false imprisonment, rape, engaging a woman in non-consensual sexual activity and assault by beating. The Adver has not named him to preserve his alleged victim's anonymity.

Opening the case at Swindon Crown Court yesterday, prosecutor Rob Welling said the defendant had driven his alleged victim to the Greenbridge McDonald’s on the evening of September 27 last year. He was said to have shouted “hey, blondie” at a fair-haired girl in the restaurant car park, angering his girlfriend.

On the way home took the pair on a detour and stopped on Hermitage Line, not far from his mum’s house. He was said to have quizzed her about an earlier incident, punched her twice in the face and pulled her hair. It was claimed he kept a firm hold on her locks as they drove to his home.

Jurors were told he had punched her in the head as they were parked on the driveway and then told her to “sort herself out” before they went into the house.

They were greeted at the door by the couple’s daughter. He was said to have ushered his partner upstairs, telling the tot that “mummy has to go upstairs because she’s been naughty”.

In his bedroom he continued to ask her about an earlier incident. It was said he slapped her, claimed she was worthless and sent her downstairs to do the laundry.

He was accused of pinning her to the bed and strangling her with both hands. Mr Welling said: “She couldn’t breathe and felt she was going to die. It only stopped when [their daughter] jumped up.”

The woman was told to clean herself up and sent downstairs again to do the washing up and collect his McDonald’s meal. She handed over a box of 20 chicken nuggets.

Mr Welling told jurors: “He became angry because they hadn’t put any barbecue sauce in the order.” The food was thrown at her.

The woman was told she could make the violence end, Mr Welling said. She would have to take a lie detector test, complete a tax rebate form on his behalf, do his chemistry coursework and change their daughter’s surname to his.

She was made to kneel for what she claimed felt like hours. Finally, her boyfriend made his final demand: “For the violence to stop she was required to give him both oral sex and afterwards sexual intercourse.”

Mr Welling said: “No reasonable person would imagine a woman would consent to sex in these circumstances. That is why in fact he made it a condition for the violence to stop.”

As EastEnders played on the TV, she performed a sex act on him. The sobbing woman told detectives in a video interview played to the jury: “He wasn’t even looking at me. He was watching the telly.” She was said to have cried during the ordeal “but did as she was told”.

Earlier that night he had told her she wouldn’t be allowed to sleep in the bed, the woman told police. She asked him if she was allowed to sleep on the bed by her daughter, but claimed she was ignored.

“I just lay down on the top of the bed in my clothes and I just quietly cried until I fell asleep,” she claimed.

The woman woke at 6am and fled the house as quietly as she could with her daughter. She reported the incident to police later that day.

Interviewed by police, her alleged abuser claimed he had split with the woman that night after telling her he no longer loved her and he did not want to go on holiday with her. The pair later had what he described as “make-up sex”.

Outlining his case, Mr Welling said: “The prosecution say he attached her and forced her into sexual acts she did not want. He is going to allege this is a woman scorned, who for whatever reason has made up these wicked lies to get back at him.”

The trial continues.