TWO new drive-throughs could be built in Chiseldon creating 70 new jobs.

But the prospect of the restaurant and coffee shop creating more traffic on a busy road and more litter is worrying some villagers.

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EG Group, which runs the Esso garage in the village on the A436 has applied for permission to build the drive-throughs on green land immediately south of the filling station.

It says it is aiming to capture the market of drivers who stop for petrol and who will be able to take a break and it claims this will add to road safety.

The Manchester-based company says 70 new jobs will be created by the businesses, although it has not said which companies will run the businesses.

The reaction of nearby residents and motorists was mixed.

Nigel Rumbold is a driver for Akcess, who was eating a sandwich in the car park of the petrol station.

He said: “I use this road about once a month and I always have my breakfast here, so I would probably use the drive-throughs if they were there.

"It’s useful to be able to take a break when you’re driving.”

Maigan Thomas, who lives close to the site said: “My main worry is safety.

"That’s a really fast road - it’s meant to be 40mph, but cars come by at 50 or 60, and another junction on that road is worrying.

"I don’t think it’s safe. The other thing for me is litter.

"The garage already has a Starbucks and a Greggs and Subway, and we’re forever picking up wrappers and cups which are lying everywhere on the grass, so the thought of more, from two more things like that is not something I’d want.”

Some residents think there is no need for the new businesses as the garage has a coffee shop, and a few yards away is Three Trees farm shop and cafe where people can get food.

Spencer Gee, who lives in New Road, said: “The development is in an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty and is not needed. The garage, cafe and pub already provides a sufficient rest stop for travellers who need a break.”

The farm shop owner Beth McMurray said: “I sympathise entirely with villagers’ concerns, and it’s probably not needed. Though it would impact us here, I think we’d be okay, because there’s a difference in the clientele they’re aiming for.”

Others are more enthusiastic. Michael Nicholas said: “It’s quite a good idea. It’ll bring more money into the village and more jobs. That’s always a good thing.”.

Kayley Cole was keen: “It’ll be really convenient for me. We’ll be able to go next door for coffee and food. And it would be good for drivers as well.”

Neither EG group or its agent Walsingham Planning has responded to questions about which companies might be in line to occupy the outlets if they are built.