DOG trainer Emma Johnson is preparing to take on the best in the world at the dog sledding world championships.

The 44-year-old will race four of her eight huskies on the Firle Estate in East Sussex next month.

Emma is yet to select the dogs to join the team out of her animals Newton, Tesla, Mouse, Stinky, Laaly, Lea, Chunk and Zuka.

She said: “I’ve always loved dogs. I brought a husky many years ago and started running with him at first. Then I thought he needed a friend and so I bought another one and then some more.”

Emma discovered sledding after going to along to events. “They were putting some racing on and I was in absolute awe and I slowly built my own team from there,” she said.

Emma spoke to the Adver about training for the championship.

"It’s been really hard. It would be nice to have something more local to do the runs, but the ones that we have had have gone great.”

Being around dogs has been a huge part of Emma’s life since she was a child.

She started her own business in dog training called Speak Dog in Swindon in 2009.

Emma, of Old Town, helps with training, behaviour consulting and social walks. And she works with vets and dog owners.

“I help with owners and their dogs with their their care and behaviour. I also run social walk classes for dogs,” she said.

On the forthcoming championships, Emma said: “It would be amazing if I won but I do have young dogs at the moment.

"They are fantastic and training is getting better and better. My only concern is whether I have happy dogs or not.”

The championship only takes pure Scandinavian breeds and teams must be made up of between two and eight dogs. The course is 3.2 miles and there will be a race for each breed.

Emma and her team Lost Trail will be competing in the World Dryland Championship in November.